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2017-04-17 11:10:39

Hotel key cards for Ving locks

Contactless card it is widely applied for Ticketing payment, name business card etc.

key fob

2017-03-02 15:34:22

RFID printing plastic key fob

RFID keyfob mostly used as key card.

125khz card

2017-03-02 15:31:06

125khz t5577 rfid key card

Contactless card it is widely applied for Ticketing payment, name business card etc.

  • Paper game cards

    RFID card NFC paper business card

    Paper card is a environmental protection card, widely used in sports lottery, prepaid card network, IP telephony cards, game cards, that’s open prize cards, etc

  • Plastic card can be customed

    RFID PVC business card design

    More products like club RFID card, VIP RFID card, blank S50 card are also available from us. 

  • NFC clear card

    RFID transparent Ntag213 business card

    RFID Card / contactless card is any pocketsized card with embedded integrated circuits that can process and store data, and communicate with a terminal via radio waves.

  • Cheap IC card

    Custom Design Plastic RFID VIP Smart Card

    Contactless smart cards communicate via radio wave frequencies to a card reader that is usually within close proximity to the user and the card.

  • design your own business cards

    ISO7816 SLE5542 contact cards

    On one side, the memory card store the data and on the other side microprocessor cards with chips hold date and at the same time process it. Made from best quality of materials, our entire stock of Contact Smart Card is offered to clients at the cost effective prices.

  • Plastic cards for club

    Good price for plastic VIP cards/loyalty cards

    Regardless of any economic climate, customer retention is paramount to the long-term success of your business - and loyalty cards are all about making customers think of your company first when a buying decision is being made.

  • membership cards for club

    High quality plastic membership cards

    Regardless of what type of club, association or organisation you're involved with, membership cards can be vital to business and is a powerful way to acquire and retain customers and members. 

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