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Make RFID prelam according to your layout

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Product name: Make rfid prelam according to your layout 


Material: PVC + copper antenna

Format: 2*5, 5*5, 4*6, 3*8, 4*10 mm 

Layout: 305*460, 325*480, 300*480, 290*480, 210*297, 305*460, 400*470 mm or customized formats.

Thickness: 0.38-0.55 mm or customized

Frequency: HF 13.56MHz or LF 125Khz?

Chip options: Ultralight/S50/S70/I CODE SLI(x)(s)/Ntag213/215/216, T5577, Tk4100, Em4200, Em4305, hitag etc. 

Reading distance: 0-100mm, depends on inlay size , chip type and reader antenna

Applications:  Excellent for card manufacturer to do card secondary production  

Weight and Packing

Net weight:  4-5 g /piece

Packing: 5000pcs/carton 

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